Frequently Asked Questions

How long of a wheel base do I need?

That depends on the type of truck you own, type of trailer you will be pulling, size of sleeper you want, what tool boxes and/or fuel tanks that you will purchase, rear door entrance, etc. Give us a call to discuss in more detail what your needs are.

With a larger sleeper and a longer wheel base, do I have to think about legal length laws?

Depends on how long your tractor is, bumper to bumper, and what size trailer you pull. For most states, the interstates are unlimited or their maximum length is more than enough. Secondary roads vary from state to state. With the laws changing every year, you would need to contact each state that you will be traveling in to know for sure.

Will I be over height with your high rise sleeper?

In most cases, the height of the sleeper is less than 13’6”. Tire size can change the overall height of any unit.

How can I finance a larger sleeper?

Check with the institution where you originally financed your truck.

In two or three years I always upgrade my tractor, will I be able to keep my custom sleeper and have it mounted on my new tractor?

Yes. As long as you purchase another Kenworth, most Kenworth sleepers are interchangeable.

Where can I get the sleeper swapped out at?

Your sleeper can be serviced or interchanged at any Kenworth dealer. And you can always bring it back to us, we will be happy to interchange your custom sleeper to the new tractor. New features available can be added at the same time.

How long does my truck have to be shut down for the installation of my new custom sleeper?

It depends on what package you purchase. Custom Studio Sleepers can use your sleeper or a take-off sleeper.