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A new 86 inch conversion to improve your life on the road.

How many days per year do you spend on the road?  200?  300?  All of us have even heard of drivers spending up to 350 days on the road per year!  It gets in your blood, and as much as some of us are loathe to admit it, it would be pretty hard to give up the freedom for life in a cubicle.

We do, however, pay a heavy price for that freedom.  In addition to all the stress of being away from loved ones, it’s hard to go more than a few hours without running into a situation that puts a taint on your day.  From delays at customers to a distinct lack of parking spaces around the country, we all could use a sanctuary to feel at home in.

While we all would love to have an operation and budget to have a 150 inch custom sleeper, it is undeniable that it just isn’t realistic in some situations.  With the new Custom Studio Sleeper 86″ conversion, you get the essentials and benefits of a custom sleeper without losing cargo capacity or maneuverability.  All at around half the price of the new pickup that you put 5000 miles per year on!

Because of the size restrictions of the OEM Studio Sleeper, the basic configuration of a conversion is a rear door and side bed.  Other than this, your new sleeper can be fully customized.

Available now is a conversion waiting to be painted to your paint code and installed on your tractor.86 inch conversion.86 inch Studio conversion ceiling.86 inch Studio Sleeper conversion, shower22 inch flatscreen  and microwave/convection oven above sink.Twin bed in lowered position.

  • Folding twin bed that allows for passage between it and the cabinets.
  • Tall and deep cherry cabinets above the bed.
  • Fold out dinette table with benches beneath the bed.
  • 60″ x 20″ rear door.
  • Cherry cabinet above rear door.
  • Microwave/convection oven.
  • 22″ flat screen television.
  • 41″ counter top with sink and hot/cold running water.
  • 3.5 cubic foot refrigerator.
  • Window/access door behind sink.
  • Full stand up shower/toilet combo.
  • Sliding shower door for access while bed is down.
  • Fantastic Fan with thermostat.
  • Water heater in forward bench.
  • Electric water pump in front bench.
  • 30 gallon water tank.
  • Rear bench storage area that can be accessed from outside tool box door.

In addition to all of these great features, installation is incredibly quick and easy on your OEM Studio Sleeper wheelbase or even on a wheelbase for an Aerocab sleeper by moving the 5th wheel back.

Give Dave a call with any questions or inquiries at 320-346-2866.

Keep out the cold, heat, and noise with thick insulation.

It’s that time of year when most of us are struggling to keep out the cold, but for those lucky enough to run an area of the country without the white stuff, insulation is just as important.

Custom sleeper insulation.

2 inch wall and roof insulation.

Custom sleeper floor insulation.

3 to 4 inch floor insulation.

Protective floor covering.

The underside of the sleeper is covered to resist wind and moisture.

All it takes to understand why it is nearly impossible to keep out the elements in any OEM sleeper is unscrewing a wall panel and peeking at what truck makers think is sufficient insulation.  Most likely you will find only a piece of lightweight foam that doesn’t even cover the entire space it is meant to insulate.  Need more convincing?  Just pull up your carpet or rubber mat and you will be lucky to find a 3/8″ layer of carpet pad!

At Custom Studio Sleepers eliminating heat or cold intrusions into your living space is considered one of the biggest benefits of owning a custom sleeper.  In addition to the temperature insulation, an added benefit is noise abatement.  No more tossing and turning to the noise of your neighbor’s APU, or even your own reefer unit that has lost its muffler.

We use a two part expanding foam to cover nearly every open space in your sleeper’s walls, ceiling, and floor.  In cavities where the foam is applied, no gaps or airways are left open.  This allows your HVAC system or APU to work much easier to keep you comfortable in addition to giving it more reserve capacity for those days at 115 or nights at -40.

The three walls and roof of your Custom Studio Sleeper can accommodate 2 inches of foam while 3 to 4 inches of foam can be applied to the under side of your floor.  In addition to the insulation, a protective sheet is applied to the bottom of the sleeper to resist wind and noise intrusion.

New custom sleeper pictures added!

We added four new sets of pictures to the galleries!

  • Red 150″ W900 Double Layer Custom Sleeper
  • Teal 150″ W900 Single Layer Custom Sleeper with insulation shots
  • Harlequin 150″ W900 Double Layer Custom Sleeper
  • Vibrant 132″ Aerodyne Double Layer Custom Sleeper
  • Custom sleepers now offered in 100 inch widths.

    We are now offering a 100″ wide sleeper while preserving the original Kenworth design.

    These new sleepers are 10″ wider than the factory 90″ wide.

    With this new and improved design the side walls are no longer aluminum we have designed a one piece fiber composite which is stronger and has completely smooth sides with no external rivets.

    This will provide more aerodynamics, reducing air drag, and improving fuel millage.

    Customizing your sleeper.

    We have heard it over and over, “It’s about time someone built a sleeper that looks like it belongs there” or “That is just what I’ve been looking for”. We are here just for that, to give you what you’ve been looking for in a custom sleeper. Custom Studio Sleepers will customize your OEM sleeper to the highest standards possible. We specialize in sleepers specifically for Kenworth trucks that will complement, rather than detract from Kenworth’s original aesthetics. There is no question that you already own the World’s Best, now make it fit YOUR needs with a sleeper to match.

    On your Kenworth T600, T660, T800, or W900 we have the the perfectly sized custom sleeper  to fit your needs.  We can fit a custom sleeper to any Kenworth in the AeroCab, Aerodyne, FlatTop, or MidRoof body style in the following sizes;

    Single layer sleepers in OEM 90 inch, or custom 100 inch widths

    • 86″ OEM Studio Sleeper conversion
    • 100″ truck sleeper
    • 110″ truck sleeper
    • 120″ truck sleeper
    • 130″ truck sleeper
    • 150″ truck sleeper

    The double layer truck sleeper is 90 inches wide and 150 inches long.

    Custom sizes above 150 inches are also available.

    Choose from our Double Layer (High Rise) or Single Layer truck sleeper conversion. The Custom Studio Sleeper Double Layer matches up nicely with van trailers and gives you the best aerodynamics and interior space. The Custom Studio Sleeper Single Layer is for those pulling platform trailers that have no need for the taller aerodynamics. The SIngle Layer is also the option you want if you plan to utilize a roof mounted air conditioner or dome type satellite system.

    On past projects, customers have ordered a huge variety of lifestyle features for their sleeper conversions. These include, but are definitely not limited to;

    • Showers2005_110_custom_sleeper-24.jpg
    • Toilets
    • Compact to full sized refrigerators and freezers
    • Microwaves
    • Built-in coffee makers
    • Sinks with hot and cold running water
    • Built in televisions and computer monitors
    • Dinettes with flip down tables
    • Rear doors

    Mechanical options include, but again, are not limited to;


    • Water tanks in various sizes
    • Hot water heaters in various sizes
    • Toilets with varying sizes of holding tanks
    • Walls trimmed in diamond tuck vinyl, velour cloth, and wainscoting (wood strips/paneling)
    • Floors finished in carpet, vinyl, or wood/laminate
    • Lighting in standard fluorescent, LED, rope lighting, and incandescent

    Your new sleeper will be painted to match your truck with your original paint code and custom paint and/or vinyl graphics can be added. Your new custom sleeper will also remain mounted on an air ride system. Two extra air bags are added for strength and stability.

    The only limit to the options is your own imagination. Please feel free to explore the site, and check back often for the most up to date projects and ideas.

    Welcome to the new Custom Studio Sleepers site.

    Welcome to the new and improved Custom Studio Sleepers web site. We have changed to a blog format to keep an eye on all of our newest ideas, news, and current projects.