Keep out the cold, heat, and noise with thick insulation.

It’s that time of year when most of us are struggling to keep out the cold, but for those lucky enough to run an area of the country without the white stuff, insulation is just as important.

Custom sleeper insulation.

2 inch wall and roof insulation.

Custom sleeper floor insulation.

3 to 4 inch floor insulation.

Protective floor covering.

The underside of the sleeper is covered to resist wind and moisture.

All it takes to understand why it is nearly impossible to keep out the elements in any OEM sleeper is unscrewing a wall panel and peeking at what truck makers think is sufficient insulation.  Most likely you will find only a piece of lightweight foam that doesn’t even cover the entire space it is meant to insulate.  Need more convincing?  Just pull up your carpet or rubber mat and you will be lucky to find a 3/8″ layer of carpet pad!

At Custom Studio Sleepers eliminating heat or cold intrusions into your living space is considered one of the biggest benefits of owning a custom sleeper.  In addition to the temperature insulation, an added benefit is noise abatement.  No more tossing and turning to the noise of your neighbor’s APU, or even your own reefer unit that has lost its muffler.

We use a two part expanding foam to cover nearly every open space in your sleeper’s walls, ceiling, and floor.  In cavities where the foam is applied, no gaps or airways are left open.  This allows your HVAC system or APU to work much easier to keep you comfortable in addition to giving it more reserve capacity for those days at 115 or nights at -40.

The three walls and roof of your Custom Studio Sleeper can accommodate 2 inches of foam while 3 to 4 inches of foam can be applied to the under side of your floor.  In addition to the insulation, a protective sheet is applied to the bottom of the sleeper to resist wind and noise intrusion.

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